Health Issues

Health Issues

One Hand One Heart is a non-profit organisation that helps seriously ill and disadvantaged children and their families.

One Hand One Heart cares for sick people in Sydney and Australia in their homes and different hospitals, supply them with medication for free through our wonderful volunteers and wonderful supporters, pays for required medical analysis, some operations and medical supplies.

One Hand One Heart helps people by visiting them in their homes and helping with their needs, following up with patients at hospitals and in their homes, helping patients by kind donations of medical supplies such as wheelchairs, air mattresses etc.

Please donate to support this amazing group of people helping the sick and less fortunate people in Sydney and all around the world. Thank you!


Our mission is to inspire and brighten the lives of the sick, poor and disadvantaged people in today's world.

Your donation will help keep One Hand One Heart reach the ultimate goal of helping all those in need locally and abroad.
Our volunteers are vital to the ongoing success of OHOH programs. They help us reach more people around Australia and make a lasting impact on their lives.
Fundraising for One Hand One Heart reminds people what really matters in life and we believe that together we can make a difference.</p> <p>