Family Help

Family Help

Supporting you to live the life you desire.

There are lot’s of families that are doing tough, they all have genuine reasons whom we chose to help, there are examples such as main provider being hurt or seriously ill, loss of work, unforeseen circumstances got families into a situation where they are helpless.

We try to help as much as possible with the resources we have, we always provide bear minimum to the families so they can get by with the situation they are in, we do this to ensure we have enough resources to provide for all.

We give out food, water, furniture, clothing and other home essentials depending on their situation  and circumstances.


Our mission is to inspire and brighten the lives of the sick, poor and disadvantaged people in today's world.

Your donation will help keep One Hand One Heart reach the ultimate goal of helping all those in need locally and abroad.
Our volunteers are vital to the ongoing success of OHOH programs. They help us reach more people around Australia and make a lasting impact on their lives.
Fundraising for One Hand One Heart reminds people what really matters in life and we believe that together we can make a difference.</p> <p>