Boy with Glands malfunction

Boy with Glands malfunction

Again we return to highlight the case of the baby boy Muhammad Hussein outah who is 5 years old. He suffers from Glands malfunction which caused his tongue to enlarge and be pushed outside his mouth.

The mother said: my family tried to get help from the health ministry to provide him with the required medication, but they were careless.
My son needs 2 operations. One to shorten his tongue and the other one is for getting the device functioning. And I’d like to assure the health minister that not once he provided us with any kind of help like the tests, x-rays or operations. Just assume that he is your son and offer him help with his operation.

The family that got too exhausted from medical expenses went through financial crisis from debts, knowing that Muhammad is in need for more than one operation as well as a long term treatment.

The father said: I’d like to ask the health minister to help us, because we have no one else to help us. Even taking more loans from people is impossible now.
I am still alive but I feel dead from inside.

People who handed me money are requesting to have their money back. I have no income. I mean just help me even a little.
Between acquiring the treatment and the health ministry’s decision, Outah’s family is incapable of doing anything for their son except to hope that they may find someone to help them to provide cure for him.

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