A merciless savage massacre in Afghanistan

A merciless savage massacre in Afghanistan

A merciless savage massacre in Afghanistan by Taliban against the Shiaas in Sarepol
– 70 killed and slayed mercilessly ( including women & Children )
– 30 houses burnt
– 150 families captured inside the village as hostages ( including women and children )
– 140 families displaced in nearby villages
– 60 kidnapped and taken to unknown destination
– 5 innocent hostages are slayed every day at the borders of the village

The tragedy and calamities are heart-breaking and beyond description
– We will appreciate your kind quick help
Photos aftermath of Genocide committed by Taliban and Daesh on the innocent Shia community in Mirza Olan Sare Pol near Mazare Sharif Afghanistan, the only reason of their reason they beheaded and pushed down many people from the cliff was because they were Mohebeen of Ahlul Bait.

OHOH charity will take part in providing food and shelter for for about 400 families there. But this can only be done by your generosity and kindness that you have shown at all times.
Please donate with the reference of : Afghan to this account:

Account name: one hand one heart
BSB: 062189
Account Number : 10474231

And may Allah swt accept from you all and protect your families from all kind of calamities.
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