14 year old diagnosed with Sebaceous Cysts

14 year old diagnosed with Sebaceous Cysts

Ali a 14 year old boy diagnosed with Sebaceous Cysts

This is the transcript of what was said in the video

The boy said: My wish is to support my family when I grow up.
The mother said: I just want my son to be cured. What my son is going through has broken me.
The boy: I have been diagnosed with Sebaceous Cysts in my head which is blocking the blood vessels of my eye. I can’t see with this eye. It’s also affecting my growth. My body stopped growing in height a while back. I am 14 years old, but I am the same size as from years back.
The sister said: The doctor told us that the growth of my brother is extremely slow. And this is the first time the doctor comes across such a case. My brother has a Pneumonia, Ulcerative Colitis and Anaemia. And the worst of all is that when chest pain goes away, pressure starts building in the brain.
The boy: When I was at school I always had severe headache and that stopped me from learning. Now I don’t know how to read or write.
The mother said: There’s a series fear in this country (Lebanon ).If one gets sick, it will be impossible to afford paying for medical treatment.
I want my son to be cured, but how can I do so?
When I asked for help, I was told to go away and this is not their problem. So who’s problem is it then? I was told that a surgery must be done for my son, otherwise he will never grow up and he will loose his second eye.

The surgery’s cost is $20 000 Australian dollars in Hotel Dieu Hospital. $20 000, how am I suppose to afford that. All I am asking for is for my son to be cured. I don’t want anything else.
Our situation is so bad that we had to beg for help on t.v.

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